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Concept Lab Volume VI is March 31

Concept Lab is an exciting new exploratory music series featuring finished works, works in progress, improvised works and collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects in all stages of completion.

Created by composers Seth Boustead and Will Rowe and run as a collective, Concept Lab is a showcase of the newest of the new and an exciting sneak preview of mainstays on the upcoming New York performance scene.

Volume VI features works inspired by Italian surrealist Italo Calvino, 1950’s ad jingles, ciphers, the occult, secret societies, the eternally changing Colorado landscape and the joys and pains of a lifelong relationship.

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Music by
Seth Boustead
Stephanie Ann Boyd
Ryan Chase
Debra Kaye
Will Rowe

Performed by
Talia Dicker
Irene Fitzgerald-Cherry
Ford Fourqurean
Debra Kaye
Blair McMillen
Will Rowe

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