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‘Toxic Grace’ Performed on the Queens New Music Festival

My piece Toxic Grace, one movement of a larger work called Urbanisms, will be performed as part of the Queens New Music Festival on May 15.  Each of the three movements of the piece is inspired by a different definition in the Urban Dictionary.

Toxic Grace means “the projection of kindness or charm that gets twisted into something more unsavory. A glimmer of false hope shattering. People using Toxic Grace usually speak with a forked tongue, telling you one thing while doing something quite different than they had said. Once people have experienced Toxic Grace they are left confused, wondering how they were deceived so categorically.”

The work is for bari sax, guitar, violin and double bass.

May 14, 8:00 PM
The Secret Theatre, 4402 23rd St,
Long Island City, NY 11101, USA

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