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1,001 Afternoons Website is Live!

You may remember that I’ve been working in collaboration with several other people to bring an idea I had to turn six stories from Ben Hecht’s great short story collection 1,001 Afternoons in Chicago into a radio play for live music and voices.  We premiered the piece way back in May of last year, almost a year ago now, and it was a big hit.  So we’re working not just on a commercial recording but also a film version of four of the stories.

The recording will be done by May, about a year after the original premiere. Not surprisingly the film will take longer as it’s a big undertaking.  However I’m thrilled to announce that we have a website up for the film version and there are a couple of clips.  We have a heavy shooting schedule in March and hope to be done with all of the shooting by summer so we can spend the dog days editing and have it ready for release in the fall.

Watch this clip of myself, Anderson Lawfer and Mike Daily from Strawdog Theater talking about the project and visit the website for more!

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