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Choose the Form of Your Destructor

Stay_Puft_WrigleyIt’s official – the Cubs have clinched a wild card spot in the playoffs and so the entire north side of Chicago is now extremely on edge.

Much like Ray Stantz thinking of the Stay Puft Marshmallow man in Ghostbusters, any stray thought could now materialize and destroy any chance the Cubs have of breaking their curse.

Who could possibly have foreseen the Bartman incident against the Marlins?  The only thing that could have happened is that someone had a momentary mental image of a goofy guy with a Walkman (already out of date even then) and sure enough he appeared to destroy them.

Clear your minds Chicago!  From now until mid-October you must have a perfectly clean slate.  One quick thought of a deep dish pepperoni pizza
is all it takes to choose the form of your destructor.

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