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Goldman Sachs Program Graduation

There I am with my class on the final day of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program for non-profits.  I have a blog entry from the beginning of the class in which I express my sort of reluctance to take it, or fear that learning all of this business stuff will somehow drain me of artistic integrity and turn me into a Michael J. Fox-style young republican.  But I’m proud to say that that didn’t happen!  I’m more of a Dick Cheney republican…

I kid of course.  I actually thought the program was really excellent and learned a lot. None of those people in the photo above really has much in common except that we all run non-profits and care very deeply about our missions, but at the end of the six months I felt like we were a family of sorts.

So, meeting non-profit leaders in other fields was definitely a great thing but the curriculum itself is really quite good too.  It’s like a sped up MBA program so every class is a different aspect of running a business. From hiring and firing to accounting to finding your market gap and much more.

What I got out of it is a 55 page strategy document that I made for ACM that charts our course for the next 10 years. It’s a living document of course, it will change and grow as we do but for the first time I feel confident that the organization has a clear plan, that the plan is achievable and that we can make a tremendous impact, not just in the contemporary music community but in the world.  I’m excited to put the plan into effect.

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