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Relevant Tones Livestream – What’s the Narrative?

It seems like a lifetime ago now but back in February I relaunched Relevant Tones as a live stream series pairing conversation on a given topic with music related to the topic. Ok, so we no longer have venues but we do have tons of creative people at home with time on their hands so what better time to produce a new episode?

The theme for episode #273 is narrative in music and literature. My musical guests will be cellist Nicholas Photinos and his wife pianist Yasuko Oura.  I’ll also be talking with novelist J. Robert Lennon and composers Nathalie Joachim and David T. Little about how they structure their literary and musical narratives.

Music to be performed includes pieces by yours truly, David and Nathalie and also Andrew Norman and Karen Tanaka. All of this will be happening in real time because I don’t currently have enough to stress me out so why not pile on some more?

Seriously though, I like this kind of stress, the kind related to doing cool events a whole lot better than the stress I faced a few weeks ago when it seemed like everything I spent most of my adult life building was going to crash and burn.  It still could of course but better to keep the mind busy.

I hope you tune in for what promises to be a fascinating conversation with great music!

May 1, 7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern
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