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Thirsty Thirsty

ThirstyEarFestival_WFMT_7.12.14_by_ElliotMandel-27Yesterday was my third annual Thirsty Ear Festival and the second year that we’ve been at City Winery and what fun it was.  First up was the Fonema Consort in a program of music that, while not all of it may have been broadcast suitable, was certainly ear opening.  Fonema is interested in music that explores text in new and often frighteningly original ways and that aesthetic was on full display yesterday.  My favorite piece from their set was by Chris Fisher-Lockhead that featured lip smacking, glottal stops and other noises you would not associate with traditional vocal music.

Next up was the Gaudete Brass, pictured above in the wonderful photo by Elliot Mandel.  They rocked the house with a virtuosic set for brass quintet that included some truly beautiful music by David Sampson.  Our headliner was the incomparable Graham Reynolds, pianist, composer and bandleader from Austin.

Graham played a set of his music that included pieces featured in the movie Bernie, part of a ballet score and music from his truly wonderful disc the Difference Engine inspired by what was essentially the world’s first computer, made by Charles Babbage in the 19th century.

You can hear the whole show here

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